This is a training for mental health providers, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, advocates, criminal justice professionals, victim service providers, and community leaders etc. I will be presenting a presentation titled Violence Against Undocumented Spanish Speaking Women.

Presentation Summary: Undocumented women take a huge risk when they seek a better, safer life in the United States. Unfortunately they often find themselves experiencing violence, abuse, and exploitation as they seek such safety. In this training, we will explore the violence that undocumented Spanish speaking women may be exposed to, their needs from us as the helpers, the barriers that exist to helping them, and what additional resources are needed to help them find stability and safety in their lives. As a trauma counselor, I will focus on this topic from a mental health and trauma-informed perspective. I will also include a holistic approach to the needs of this population, as well as to the variety of services that may also be helpful to them. My goal is to help you help these women in multiple areas of their lives to help them overcome violence enacted against them and to achieve the safety that they deserve.

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